FAQ: What You Need to Know about Home Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal in Fond Du Lac County, WI

Not sure we can help you? Take a look below at some of the most common questions our professional cleaning technicians are asked, then give Pro Clean Professional Cleaners a call!

Question: When should I clean my carpet?
Answer: The rule of thumb is once a year, but really you should get it cleaned whenever you want – have a party coming up? Are the ‘cow-paths’ wearing on your last nerve? Does it feel gritty when you are barefoot? You don’t have to wait!

Question: I bought a dark carpet for just this reason! Why should I waste time and money getting it cleaned?
Answer: The average carpet is built to hold at least 5 times its own weight in dirt and grime. That’s the reason carpets are so much heavier when you pull them out.
The reason this matters is that each bit of sand and particle of dirt is like a tiny little saw tooth that rips away at you carpet every time you set foot on it. No dirt = less wear and tear!

Question: Is carpet cleaning something I can do myself?
Answer: Absolutely! It’s just like car maintenance or dry cleaning – if you have the tools, the experience and knowledge, and don’t mind putting forth the effort, then you can clean your carpet as well as any professional!

But if you’d rather spend your time with your family or taking care of business, the experienced crew at Pro Clean can take care of this chore for a low fee.

Question: I have pets and even though I’ve gotten used to the smell, others find it overwhelming. Can you help?
Answer: Of course – we are pet odor specialists! From dander to pet urine and everything in between, deodorizing pet smells just requires some pet-safe cleaners.

Question: I’m moving into an apartment – should I get the carpet cleaned now or at the end of the lease?
Answer: We’d say both just to be safe. There’s no guarantee that the landlord had the carpet cleaned professionally before you moved in – you shouldn't have to deal with other people’s filth.

As for getting the carpet cleaned before you move out – many landlords require cleaning to get your deposit back. If your deposit is less than our low fee, go for it. More likely though, the security deposit will be quite a bit more than the cleaning fee.